Ingrown hair solution

Say goodbye to ingrown hair!

The Camphor Souffle, Blemish Control Astringent and Azulen Cream are great products when used separately. Together, they synergistically become miracle workers in the fight against ingrown hair.

4 steps, 3 products and you’re on your way to clearer skin.

1. Apply the shaving mousse (Camphor Souffle) to your face and neck.
2. Shave
3. With your hands, or a cotton ball, apply the after shave (Blemish Control Astringent) to all areas you just shaved.
4. With clean, dry hands, apply the after shave lotion (Azulen Cream) to your face and neck.

The products and what they do

The Camphor Souffle shaving mousse ($22) softens the skin and hair to make for a nice close shave.

The Blemish Control Astringent after shave ($26) is a mixture of soothing ingredients blended perfectly to fight acne and ingrown hair.

The Azulen Cream after shave lotion ($25) provides a thin protective layer on the skin which fights bacteria, and soothes the skin. Apply after the blemish control after shave with clean hands.

Buy the ingrown hair package of all three products (shaving mousse, after shave, and after shave lotion) for $60.00 +tax and shipping.

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