All facials are customized to your specific skin care needs. Enhance your facial with collagen, vitamin C, or other add-ons. Cost varies per add-on.

Sarah’s facial
A relaxing customized facial that includes a deep peel, extractions, massage, and a finishing masque.  $100

Cleansing facial
With maintenance in mind, the cleansing facial consists of a skin care analysis, deep skin cleansing, facial peel, extractions, and a custom mask. $60

Glycolic facial
Improves appearance and assists in the healing of scars and acne and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Leaves the skin feeling smooth and flawless. (Glycolic 40%) $70

Salicylic  peel
A cleansing and deep exfoliating process to help reduce acne inflammation, wrinkles and fine lines while improving texture and clarity. $125

Chest peel
A chest peel is a great add-on to your customized facial. Aids in repairing sun-damaged decolletage.  $45

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